On August 30, 1908, thirty-three charter members organized the Willisburg Baptist Church. Those first members had a dream of being a "New Testament Church" here in our community. They knew themselves to be a people who had received God's mercy and grace; they also knew that, as God's own people, they must proclaim "the wonderful deeds" of the God who had redeemed them. Those charter members dedicated themselves to this dream as they constituted the Willisburg Baptist Church on that day.
Today, over one hundred years later, that dream is still alive. Our commitment to that original dream has sustained and strengthened over the years. Now, as much as ever, we are striving to be a "New Testament Church" in Willisburg, Kentucky.
Throughout the years, we have learned the central truth that the real "New Testament Church" is not wood and nails, bricks and mortar, but people - people who have become God's own people through salvation. The Willisburg Baptist Church is people supplying leadership, worshipping God together, teaching and learning God's way, and participating in God's mission!